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When to Use Original Used Auto Parts

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Compared to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and aftermarket parts, original used car parts offer affordability and reliability. They're less expensive than new OEM parts but are built to the same standards. This combination of affordability and reliability make original car parts an excellent choice for many repairs. Here are some particular situations where original used parts are the best parts to use.

Your Primary Concern is Financial

If you're looking to have a car repair done as inexpensively as possible, then original used parts are the most affordable option. They cost less than original OEM parts and aftermarket parts.

To find out exactly how much having a particular repair made with used parts will save you, ask your service center for an estimate on labor and parts costs. Used parts won't reduce the labor costs because installing the parts will take just as long. However, you can compare the price of used parts to new parts on the estimate to see what you'll save.

In some cases, selecting used parts may only save you a few dollars. In other cases, used parts may save you hundreds or thousands of dollars. For example, a used transmission typically costs hundreds of dollars less than rebuilding one, and a new one costs even more than a rebuilt one.

You Need a Highly Specialized Part

If you drive a rare or old vehicle, then a used parts supplier may be the only place to get a stock part that you need. Many parts makers don't manufacture parts for obscure cars because there isn't enough demand, so drivers are left to salvage used parts or pay to have a custom part made. Getting a custom part typically is much more expensive.

You Have an All-Original Car

If you drive a classic vehicle that's completely original, then making any repair will likely reduce the car's value. Even a minor repair with non-original parts will prevent you from listing the vehicle as alloriginal and lessen its prestige.

Because new OEM and aftermarket parts aren't original parts, the only way to maintain an all-original classic car is to make repairs with original used parts. Pulling them from another, identical car to put on yours will maintain your car's value.

You Do Your Own Auto Work

If you do your own automotive work, there's little reason not to look for used parts. You're obviously comfortable getting your hands dirty, and you should know enough to be comfortable determining what condition used parts are in. You have everything that's required to find your own used parts, and doing so will give you an even more hands-on experience.

You Need an Uncommon Part Immediately

Auto service centers often keep commonly used parts in stock, but they don't always have uncommon parts in stock. Parts that have to be ordered may not be available for several days, during which time you may not be able to drive the car.

If you need an uncommon part, then the fastest way to get it may be from a nearby used parts supplier. Because used parts suppliers get their parts from vehicles rather than manufacturers, used suppliers often have a different selection of parts. There's a good chance they'll have uncommon parts in stock, and many suppliers are set up for same-day delivery or pick up.

You Want to Help the Environment

If you're passionate about environmental issues, then you can help reduce waste by selecting original used parts instead of new ones. Not only will you keep parts from going to the landfill but you'll also reduce the amount of resources consumed during the making of new parts.

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