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Tips for Buying a Nonrunning Car and Fixing It

Owning a single vehicle may not be enough for your family. So you may decide to purchase a car, and now you have several variables to choose from, such as buying new versus used. You also need to figure out if you want to buy from a dealership or a third party. If your primary goal is keeping ownership costs to a minimum, you should consider buying a vehicle that is no longer operational.
It will take some work to get the car running, but if you can handle the labor on your own, you’ll save yourself a lot of money. When you look at nonoperational cars, you will find reduced prices and less competition from buyers. Then you can go shopping for various used parts to begin the process of repairing the vehicle.

Find Out What Work You Can Handle

The first step that you will need to take is determine how much work you can handle. Some problems may require you to buy expensive equipment or tools that you do not own. In other situations, you may not have enough space to work with to handle extensive issues. A great example is replacing an engine, which requires you to remove and suspend the old engine.
It is better not to buy a used car that needs a complete engine replacement. But some less intensive projects such as replacing tires or window glass are doable almost anywhere.

Get a Professional Inspection

When you go shopping for a used vehicle that works, you can request the seller to bring it to your preferred mechanic, or you can meet them somewhere and drive there together. Either way, you’ll be able to have the auto shop look at the vehicle and find out if there are any problems. But shopping for a nonoperational car means you need to hire a mobile auto expert who can inspect vehicles at any location.
Since you cannot drive the car, you will not be able to draw out symptoms such as cranking, scraping or smoking that can help with the diagnosis. You will have to rely on what the expert tells you is wrong with the vehicle to determine if the issues are things that you can fix on your own.
During the inspection, you should not hesitate to ask about what parts you will need to fix certain problems so that you know what to look for when you go shopping for everything.

Buy Used Parts for Repairs

After buying a nonoperational car at a low price, you can continue with your journey on keeping vehicle ownership costs to a minimum by buying used parts. For instance, you may want to replace a damaged bumper, but this does not mean that you need a new one. A new bumper would need painting, whereas you may be able to find a used bumper in the same color as your car.

Upgrade the Vehicle

Once you finish up with all the repairs and the vehicle is operational, you do not have to stop there. To further improve the ownership experience, you can upgrade the vehicle. You can do this by purchasing used parts and taking care of the labor on your own. A great example is replacing the speakers with ones that came from a premium model of the same vehicle.
To get the most use out of the new speakers, you can switch to a more powerful head unit. Another upgrade is replacing the standard wheels with alloy or chrome wheels.
These upgrades will give you premium features while keeping your total ownership costs on the low side.
Although you may find it a little scary to buy a car that is not running, you will feel a lot more confident by following these steps, especially when hiring a professional that you trust. Contact us at John's Famous Auto Parts if you have questions about the used auto parts that we carry.



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