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Three Differences Between Ferrous and Nonferrous Metals

Metal plays an important role in most of the machines you use every day. Each metal has different properties. Knowing which metal each part is made of can help you know how to best maintain and preserve your machines.
Iron Content
If a metal contains iron, then it is ferrous. If there is no iron content, it is nonferrous. Some ferrous metals include cast and wrought iron as well as different types of steel. Nonferrous metals tend to be softer and include aluminum and copper as well as the precious metals gold and silver.
Vulnerability to Corrosion
Ferrous metals are created using high amounts of carbon, which makes the metals more susceptible to rust. Because nonferrous metals are much more resistant to corrosion, they are often used for water pipes and roofing. They are also much lighter and are used when the machines need to be weigh less.
Ferrous metals are extremely strong which is why mild steel is used in most of the tallest skyscrapers around the world. They are also used in bridges and railroads, and most of your car parts are made from ferrous metals. Nonferrous metals are known more for their malleability than their strength, and are not magnetic which makes them perfect for use in electrical equipment and wiring.
There are other differences between metals that can be important to understand, especially if you work in construction or the automotive industry. Call John’s Auto Parts in Bunnell at 386-677-6639 for more differences between ferrous and nonferrous metals.



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