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How to Make More Money When Scrapping a Junk Car

Did you recently buy a new car to replace your old one that stopped running? If your old car is taking up space in your driveway, you could turn it into cash by selling it to a recycling center. Before you rush into calling a recycling center to sell the car, find out more about getting the most cash for your old car. Here are some tips that may help you generate the most cash possible for your junk car.

Locate Valuable Parts on the Vehicle

The good news about selling a car to a recycling center is that the car does not need to work. Recycling centers do not purchase cars to resell them. Instead, they purchase cars for the scrap metal and parts the cars have. Because of this, most recycling centers will purchase any type of junk vehicle you have, even if the car does not have all the parts it should.
Here are some ideas to consider for your vehicle:
  • Tires. Are your tires relatively new? If they still contain a lot of tread, someone might buy them from you. The only downside to this is that a scrapyard might require tires on a vehicle before they buy it, but this is not always the case.
  • Radio. Did you upgrade your radio system in your car? If so, you could remove it from the car before scrapping it.
  • Rims. A lot of cars contain aluminum rims, and you should remove these if your car has them.
  • Battery. If you recently replaced the car battery, remove it before selling it. Car batteries cost a lot of money when you purchase brandnew ones.
  • Engine parts. You should also consider removing any good parts from your engine. For example, you could remove the alternator and catalytic converter, as these are valuable car parts.
Removing car parts is not always an easy task, but it can help you make more money when scrapping a vehicle.

Sell or Scrap the Parts Separately

Once you locate and remove the valuable parts of your car, you can generate cash in two different ways:
  1. Sell the parts outright. If you have good car parts on hand, advertise them for sale. Someone that needs the parts you have might offer to buy them from you for cash.
  2. Scrap the parts. A second option is to scrap the parts you have, and you can do this with any parts made of any type of metal. For example, you could scrap the aluminum wheels you have or the catalytic converter for cash.
Selling valuable parts from your vehicle before you junk it is a great way to increase your profits from the car.

Junk the Car

After you remove the parts you want, contact a recycling center to find out how to scrap your car. They may offer towing services, which means they will pick it up from your home. You can also ask them how much the car is worth, and they will give you an estimate over the phone.
When you recycle your junk car, you may need to hand over the title of the vehicle to the recycling center to prove you own the car. You should also remove the license plate from the car to avoid problems with it later on.
If you want to generate some cash by selling your unwanted vehicle, contact us at John's Famous Auto Parts to learn more about our recycling services. We purchase most types of used, unwanted vehicles, and we also buy all types of scrap metals. We offer competitive rates and can offer you cash today.



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