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Planning to Sell Your Car? Auto Parts That Can Increase Its Value

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Sure, the features and safety rating in a potentially new car is important, but how much money you spend is what's most important. Did you know that used auto parts can help you save money?
If you're planning to sell your vehicle before purchasing a new car, there are some quick, inexpensive updates you can perform to increase the value of the vehicle. These updates will give you more money to put towards the purchase, and best of all, you can find the parts you need at an auto salvage yard or used parts dealer.
Fenders and Bumpers
Even when purchasing a used vehicle, buyers care about the way their car looks. If you're trying to sell a car that doesn't have a bumper or fender, it's not that you won't find a buyer, but this cosmetic flaw will significantly reduce the value of the car. Auto salvage lots are an excellent place to find fenders and bumpers.
Even if you don't locate a unit in pristine condition, installing a bumper or fender from a vehicle that is the same year, model and color as your car improves its appearance and value. 
Has the radio in your car seen better days (or you don't have one)? Head to a used auto parts dealer to find a new radio. Riding in a silent car doesn't exactly sound like an appealing idea, and a potential buyer is going to factor in the cost of a new radio when buying your car, which will lower the amount of money they're willing to pay.
In fact, the radio is one of the first things buyers look at when purchasing a vehicle. You can find the exact model of your radio at an auto salvage yard or a compatible unit and easily install it. 
The one feature that makes a truck, a truck, is its bed. However, if you don't have a tailgate to enclose the bed, there is little benefit. Improve the appeal and the value of your truck by finding a tailgate at a salvage yard.
Even if your tailgate isn't functioning properly, you may be able to find the hinges or other pieces you need to get the door back functional. You may even be able to find a bed liner, which will also increase the value of your vehicle.
Air Conditioning Parts
During the summer and spring months, the temperature can heat up in central Florida, which makes the idea of riding around without air conditioning torturous. If the reason for the system's failure is minor, you can likely find a used replacement part.
For instance, poor airflow issues could be a sign of an old cabin air filter. Just find another filter at a salvage lot and install it in your car. This update is a simple fix that improves the appeal and value of the car overall.
Are the rims on your car more like distant cousins than they are identical twins? If so, you guessed it - it's time to visit a salvage yard or used auto parts dealer. Rims fall into much of the same realm as fenders and bumpers, in that the average person wants a vehicle that looks attractive and mismatched rims go against this goal.
Even if you have matching rims that you've scraped and scratched more times than you can count, you can find a replacement set of rims at the salvage yard.
The increase in value you get from these updates can easily surpass the time and money you spent to update your vehicle. At John's Famous Auto Parts, we've got the parts you need to get your car in great, buy-worthy shape.



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