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Determining the Worth of Scrap Metal

The scrap metal market is booming. More than 250 billion pounds of scrap metal is recycled each year. This is good for the environment and your wallet. But exactly how much are those piles of junk in your garage worth? That depends on several factors.

Type of Metal
Most scrap yards categorize metals into four primary categories:
•    Aluminum
•    Copper
•    Lead
•    Stainless Steal
From there, however, the sub-categories and corresponding payouts may vary. It is a good idea to shop around for the best prices. The difference between subcategories of cast aluminum and pot metal have approximately a 40 percent payout difference.
Quantity of Metal
The more metal you have the more money it is worth. Most scrapyards offer bulk pricing. If you are able to save your cans or other scraps in a secure location for a few months before cashing them in, you’ll get more money.
Geographic Location
The same rules of economics apply to scrap metal as they do other industries. Payouts are typically higher in areas without a lot of competition. Even though it may take you a little longer to drive to a scrapyard in a rural area, the extra money just might pay for for the gas it took to drive there—and then some!
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