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Common Used Auto Parts to Consider for Your Vehicle

auto parts of a vehicle

Some auto parts you don't want to buy used, such as a battery or tires. Other parts can actually be beneficial in allowing your vehicle to run longer and more safely, all while saving you money.

Here is a small list of common used auto parts to consider for your less-than-perfect vehicle. You will also learn what to look for in the specific part you need for your car.


Small fender benders can lead to hood damage. A hood that has been dented, is covered in rust, or has other damage can come unhinged while you are driving and obscure your vision. Or your faulty hood can allow moisture and rodents to get under the hood and damage the expensive engine components your hood is designed to protect.

Used hoods are beneficial for a few reasons: first, a used hood in the same make and model of your car is likely to fit your vehicle far better than an aftermarket or even repaired hood will. Secondly, used hoods are inexpensive, allowing you to upgrade your vehicle without a huge investment.


A burnt-up engine means a non-running car. In some cases, buying a brand-new engine means investing more than your car is worth, even prior to having its engine fail.

Used engines come from salvage yards, recycling plants, and from auto wrecking yards. When buying a used engine for your vehicle, try to buy a motor that has less than (or similar) mileage of the motor your car currently has. Also, have your mechanic or salvage yard representative check the engine for leaks and other issues before buying the unit.

Windows/Window Hardware

Automatic windows have motors that fail sometimes, leaving you with a non-operating window. When a rear or side window breaks, replacing the feature with your insurance can be costly.

Consider buying used windows that match your vehicle's make, model, and year instead of buying a new window (or broken window hardware). When buying used windows, seek glass that is free of scratches, fading from the sun, or weakened spots like small chips or cracks. Have your windows installed by a specialty mechanic rather than doing the work yourself.


Alternators and solenoids are responsible for keeping your engine running once the vehicle is started. These components receive a current signal to tell the battery to turn the motor over. When the alternator or solenoid fail, your car may start initially but then die out when you come to a stop or slow down in traffic.

While these parts aren't the most expensive to buy new, it's still wise to buy used alternators and solenoids because these are common replacement parts. When buying an alternator or solenoid for your car, make sure your part comes with a guarantee to operate for an extended amount of time after installation. This way, should your alternator or solenoid fail to work after installation, you can have the unit replaced or receive your money back.

Aesthetic Components

Sometimes parts of your vehicle break or wear out before their time. Seats can expose frames, rear view or side mirrors can break off, and steering wheels can become worn from years of tight-grip driving. You can find these replacement parts cheaper at a salvage or auto recycling yard than you can new.

When buying aesthetic pieces for your vehicle, stick to purchasing these items in person. This way, you can compare several replacement pieces at once for visual appeal and the best fit for your vehicle's dimensions.

Your used auto parts technician will help you choose the right replacement parts for your car. Call our office at John's Famous Auto Parts to schedule a viewing of our inventory today.



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