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Buying a Salvage Transmission: What You Need to Know

Power transmission to wheel of truck car
The transmission plays an important role in the proper functioning of your vehicle. Using a series of gears, the transmission conveys rotational power from the car's engine to the wheels, enabling the vehicle to move.
A newly rebuilt transmission can be expensive, typically costing several thousand dollars. So if your transmission is irreparable or you need a transmission for a custom auto job, a salvage transmission could offer you a great value for your money. However, salvage or used transmissions are not built equally.
Buying a used transmission from a reputable dealer ensures that you save on costs and obtain good quality parts. If you are in the market for a used transmission, here is what you need to know.
Benefits of Salvage Transmissions
When you want to replace a transmission, you can purchase a new one straight from your manufacturer or buy a refurbished, rebuilt, or a used transmission.
Depending on the model, year, and make of the vehicle, brand new and remanufactured transmissions can cost anything from $3,500 to $6,600. On the other hand, based on ballpark estimates, a used transmission can cost between $800 and $1,500, but this may vary from one dealer to another.
If you are on a tight budget, a used salvage transmission can save you significant costs and put you back on the road faster. To realize these cost-savings, be sure to buy your salvage transmission from a dealer that is committed to selling quality used auto parts.
Potential Problems With Salvage Transmissions
While a used transmission can save you costs, salvage transmissions can present several problems, especially if you do not source your parts from a trustable dealer.
On average, transmissions have a service life of 100,000 miles, which is about 7 years. With a used transmission, a portion of the part's service life has already been expended. But a used transmission that is not checked for quality could also come with several mechanical problems that could further reduce its service life.
Examples of common transmission mechanical problems include worn gear synchronizers, a faulty clutch, and contaminated fluid. The transmission could also possibly not fit snugly in your car, creating extra problems.
Considerations for Buying a Salvage Transmission
Several factors come into play when you are looking to buy a used transmission.
Repair Vs. Replace
Repairing could be slightly cheaper than replacing a transmission. However, if the cost of repair is higher or the same as the cost of replacement, a used salvage transmission may be a suitable option.
Condition of Vehicle
When shopping for a salvage transmission, inquire from your dealer about the condition of the vehicle from which the part was salvaged.
The car's condition can give you some insight into the condition of the transmission itself. This further highlights the importance of sourcing your used parts from a reputable dealer.
Duration of Use
Determine how long you want to use the vehicle. While a good quality used transmission will get you on the road, bear in mind that salvage transmissions may only offer a temporary solution.
Automatic Vs. Manual
Most experts agree that manual transmissions are easier and more practical to replace. Computerized automatic transmissions can be difficult to repair, and spotting early problems with these types of transmissions can be equally challenging.
The transmission is one of the most expensive parts of a vehicle. A used transmission that is well maintained can deliver solid service while allowing you to keep more money in your pocket. So you should always buy used auto parts from a trustworthy local dealer.
At John's Famous Auto Parts, we stock transmissions and other used parts for all makes and models of vehicles. Get in touch with us today for quality used auto parts at affordable prices.



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