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3 Reasons to Take Old Appliances to a Scrap Metal Recycling Center

Scrap Metal
Your washing kicked the bucket, your freezer no longer freezes, and your clothes dryer no longer does what it should. If you are like a lot of people in these situations, then you may find yourself stuck with an old and dysfunctional appliance you just want out of the way. A scrap metal recycling center can help you out. 
Scrap metal recycling centers do not just take unwanted pieces of metal and old cars; they also accept old appliances because old appliances are also made mostly from metal. Check out these three reasons you should take your old appliances to a scrap metal recycling center.
1. Make Room for New Appliances Quickly
Often, when one appliance goes bad or someone decides to get a new model, the old unit will be pulled out to the garage, basement, or anywhere they have space just so there is room for the new unit. If you don't recycle old appliances, then it can be hard to get rid of them, which means your old appliance could be sitting in the way for a long time.
One reason your unit might sit around for a while is that most waste management companies will not pick up old appliances - even if it is something small like a microwave or portable dishwasher. Luckily, many scrap metal recycling centers will come pick up your old appliance and get it out of your way.
2. Put a Little Cash in Your Pocket
That old refrigerator, stove, washing machine, or other appliance may no longer be functional enough to sell, but it may still have some value. A lot of scrap metal recycling centers will pay you cash for old appliances that are made mostly from metal components. These centers do so because appliances tend to have some valuable metal parts. For example, your fridge could have:
  • Fan blades inside the motor made of aluminum
  • An outer shell made of mostly stainless steel
  • A condenser made out of copper
  • Electric wiring made from copper
  • Shelves made out of aluminum
Just one appliance can have many different metal parts, and these metals are worth money in the eyes of metal recycling centers. Therefore, they may offer you a certain amount of cash for an appliance that would otherwise be thrown away. Since you may need to invest in a new appliance, this money could be put to good use.
3. Ensure Safe Disposal of Harmful Chemicals
Most waste management companies won't pick up old appliances with your trash for good reasons -this isn't just about the size of the item. Some old appliances contain chemicals that are not good for the environment. For example, refrigerators, freezers, and air conditioners have coolant in them, which is a chemical that should not be mingled with regular waste.
It's also environmentally responsible to recycle your old appliances, with or without the danger of chemical components. In 2013 alone, Americans generated 254 million tons of trash, with only a small portion of that being recycled. If you're environmentally conscious, then recycling an old appliance is something you can do to help the environment. In addition, recycling old appliances may even be a requirement in some states. 
At the end of the day, recycling your old appliances at a scrap metal recycling center is simply a smart move on your part. If you would like to know more about recycling your old appliances, then reach out to us at John's Famous Auto Parts for friendly and professional advice. We'll come to pick up your appliances and recycle them appropriately. We look forward to working with you.



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